Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How to sign in

How to join in free


The following window will open
please watch the sort video.

Click on Register Now for Free Button
The new window will open like this

Fill the form and Create your own account.
Then you will get your own username and password.
then click Submit 
 try watch the 3 sort tutorial video

Open your own website it will be as http://yourusername.homepagepays.com
Login with you username and password
The new window will open and look like this

Click on the Install Home Page Pays Add-On Button
This button will be on the Top Middle
Then a new window will open like this, and will ask you to SAVE.

Save and Run , it will take 5 seconds to install
Now you have Smart Media Link Bar is ready to use for FREE.
It will be like this.

Home Page Pays Version 1.0

Current benefits and rewards given to members of Home Page Pays

Family Friendly Social Portal and Free To Join
Social gateway to everything on the Internet.

Smart Point Rewards

  • Members rewarded with free Smart Points for inviting other members to join. You can also gain more points in the instant daily prize draws.

  • Free Prize Draws

  • Free entries given to all members within the daily, weekly and monthly prize draws. Easy to enter, just click the prize boxes daily. Cash and product prizes plus Smart Points.

  • Your Smart Library

  • 300 Exclusive Computer & Internet videos which include a "How To" series, really handy for beginners.

  • My University

  • 2,200 plus Training Videos that run from Grade School through to College level. This includes a brand new Stanford and Yale University series.

  • Video Games

  • Includes Action, Sports Games plus Educational games. Fun for the entire family.

  • Free Software Downloads

  • Access all the best free software, tested for your safety by our own computer geeks.

  • Bargain Shopping Finder

  • Very fast & simple to use to find shopping bargains worldwide

  • Top Sites

  • Easy access to the best sites on the net.

  • Multiple Search Engines

  • All conveniently in one place.

  • The Worlds First & Only Online Store Where Everything Is FREE

    What Are Smart Points & How To Use The Points In Home Page Pays

    Smart Points are given as rewards to members. Think of Smart Points like money; the currency of Home Page Pays. You will be able to use your Smart Points in various ways and within features as they are added to the social portal. Look forward to spending your Smart Points in the Smart Point shop where every product is free (I have a lens you can read on the Smart Shop, the World's First and Only Online Store...). Products are free because you do not buy them using actual money and the points you use to buy products, you are given for free.

    Smart Points will also be used within the new games section, gaining entries into bigger prize draws and sweepstakes. As new Smart Point spending options are introduced I will add them here for you.

    This is a very useful bar .
    It will consist of many useful links
    • Home
    • Smart Library
    • My University
    • Games
    • Software
    • Bargain Finder
    • Top Sites
    • Multiple Search Menu
    • Special Content
    Smart Library Consist of Many FREE Educational and Learning videos, where you can VISUALLY LEARN

    • Twitter
    • Face Book Tips & Tricks
    • My Space
    • Window 7
    • Window Vista
    • Outlook 2007
    • Open Office Writer
    • Deep Burner
    • Word Press
    • Digital Photography
    • Gimp Free Photoshop Replacement
    • Audacity
    • Gmail
    • Google APPS
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Thunder Bird
    • Filezilla-FTP
    • Skype
    • MWSnap-Free Snapshot tool
    • Pidgin-Super Chat System
    • Microsoft Power - 2010
    • Microsoft Word  - 2010
    • Microsoft Excel - 2010
    • Microsoft Powepoint - 2010
    • Keeping kids safe on the internet
    • Avast Free Anti Virus - Key Options
    • Extract CD's to MP3
    • E-Bay
    • Tree Compare
    • Camtasia Studio
    • GFI Backup
    • Desktop Fences
    • The Webmaster toolkit
    • Understanding Compression
    • Children's Educational Software
    • Recuva
    • Digital Devices Made easy
    when you online to any website  
    you can see the advertiser's banner at bottom,
    we will pay you per impression,
    if your free member click the banner 
    we pay per click.... more info
    contact your sponsor.

    Join Representatives Click HERE!

    This is a Business Package for who
     want to earn more money 
     with this system.
    please contact your sponsor for more info

    • 2 x Leg Binary Plan everyone has 2 teams, you can qualify to earn up to $50K per week!
    • Direct Bonuses – earn $25, $50 or $150 in direct bonus payments per sign up
    • Matching Bonuses – Level 1  pays 20%  Level 2 pays 20% and level 3 pays 10%
    • Star Bonus – Mega: earn: $3,000, $7,000, $40,000, $100,000, $250,000, $1,000,000
    • Star Bonus – Lifestyle: Once you qualify, you’ll receive an extra $500.00 – $2,500.00 per month
    • Star Bonus – Leadership: You can earn: $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or $25,000 per month!
    • Pay Per Click & Pay Per Impression – Earn weekly commissions when this begins.
    Watch the following video on Smart Media Technologies Business and Earning Potential that you will have with our company!
                                                                         Watch VIDEO

    Looking to join Smart Media Technologies Malaysia Thailand South Korea Taiwan or from any Asian country your timing is now! Smart media technologies have more high value releases to come. This is the perfect opportunity at the best possible timing!
    By joining our team you will be joining a global based team with a mix of online and offline marketers. Team = Together Everyone Achieves More.
    You can join Smart Media Technologies at 3 different level options. Read through each one and choose the option that fits best with the income streams you want to earn from. The monthly fee is a very low US$30. As Smart Media Technologies want everyone to gain financial freedom, to be able to start a business easily, some countries are exempt from the monthly payment. This exemption is in place until you have earned $100 in your business. Further Details on the company website.
    Check the following list to see if your country of residence has an exemption from the monthly fee below:
    Exemption ListSmart Media Technologies Malaysia Thailand South Korea Taiwan Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

    Smart Media Technologies CEO, David Martin, has in fact designed and developed banking platforms. David has also designed digital banking security systems over the last fifteen years. He is very well aware of the security and safety that people want and need when online.
    Home Page Pays is a complete revolution for Internet Users and Marketers. It is also a revolution in the direct sales industry. You are sitting in the prime position for serious wealth creation by joining our business!

    Join Representatives Click HERE!

     step by step

     click Join Representatives to enter Back Office website

     Step 2 .
    Login  user name and password

     Step 3
    select package , fill in your personal data and payment method
    if you pay cash please contact your sponsor.

     Step 4
     Step 5
     Step 6
     Step 7
     Step 8



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